I read an article on Tim Burton‘s art exhibit in the Museum of Modern Art written by Doktor John.

Tim Burton’s exhibit was first revealed in November and will only continue until April. There has been a huge response to the exhibit and one must get reservations well in advance. Burton, a witty artist and film maker has made movies like Planet of the Apes, Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Pieces from these films are featured in the exhibit, along with 700 drawings and sculptures from the artist. People seem very interested in his work and he is widely appreciated for his wit and his play on horror and childlike innocence. The exhibition is a reflection of our society’s feelings today and also captures the essence of the postmodern age and the way we now creatively think and feel.

I believe, personally, that Tim Burton sums up how culture feels and thinks these days. People are taking steps back to reevaluate the world they live in, they are creatively expressing themselves and the spotlight has been broken into individualism. Now, it is more likely that people are feeling the freedom to stand up for their personal beliefs. The Leave It To Beaver family has moved out, and the Nightmare Before Christmas gang has moved in. Is it scary? Yes. But are most people willing to face that? Yes. Tim Burton is close to twisted, he uses dark images and fantasy creatures to emphasize the darkness, the weirdness of our lives. But, it is present in everyone’s life, according to Burton. No one escapes it. Burton’s world might be frightening and exaggerated, but I believe he is doing something commendable. People seem to be interested in his work, and they are influenced by him whether they hate him or love him. He is capturing what he sees going on in the world today in images and films and portraying it back to us, so that we might understand ourselves a little better.


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